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Feeder Jumper Product Name: Feeder Jumper
Product Description:
Feeder Cable Jumper


Connector Type:
No. Description * No. Description *
A   N/Male - N/Male H   7/16(DIN)/Male -7/16(DIN)/Female
B   N/Male - N/Female I   7/16(DIN)/Female - 7/16(DIN)/Female
C   N/Female - N/Female J   N/Male(RA) - N/Male(RA)
D   N/Male - 7/16(DIN)/Male K   N/Male(RA) - N/Female
E   N/Male - 7/16(DIN)/Female L   N/Male - 7/16(DIN)/Male(RA)
F   N/Female - 7/16(DIN)/Male M   7/16(DIN)/Male(RA)-7/16(DIN)/Male(RA)
G   7/16(DIN)/Male-7/16(DIN)/Male N   7/16(DIN)/Male(RA)-7/16(DIN)/Female

Item Specification
Frequency Range 0~5GHz
Impedance 50Ω
VSWR 10MHz-1GHz 1.06
1GHz-2GHz 1.13
PIM 7/16 DIN -155 ~ -160dBc
Insert Loss  Straight connector 0.1dB
Right Angle connector 0.15dB (RA)
Return Loss 10MHz-1.0GHz <-28dB
1.0GHz-2.0GHz <-28dB
Insulation Resistance 1000MΩ
Contact Resistance Inner Contact 10mΩ
Outer Contact 10mΩ
Operating Temperature Range -40~+85
Humidity 95%
Air pressure 70~106Kpa
* The cable length can be customized by your requirement
* The cable can customize with 1/4", 1/4"S, 3/8", 3/8"S, 1/2", 1/2"S

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