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RG MIL-17 Cable Product Name: RG MIL-17 Cable
Product Description:
These kinds of cable are typically 50 ohm coaxial cables used in wireless communication, RF and microwave transmission, data transmission and instrumentation control.These cables are based upon MIL-Spec designs and are often referred to by their RG type number.MIL-C-17 is the government specification document used to standardize coaxial cables,it has been in use since the 1940’s. Other impedance cables are used for data transmission and instrumentation control.


Product Groups

PE Insulated

RG58          RG59         RG174        RG213       RG214        RG217         RG8           RG223

PTFE Insulated

RG142        RG178        RG179        RG180       RG187        RG188         RG195        RG196   

RG302        RG303        RG304        RG316       RG393        RG400         RG401        RG402        RG405

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